“I would like to commend Aruvi for his excellent service.”

Mr Leng Chee Wai, Ford Mondeo owner
– 16 Apr 2018

“I would like to comment on my experience with Justin, the service manager. My Ford Focus had a dead battery and was towed to the dealership. He was fast and prompt, contacted me by Whatsapp immediately and even though it was going to be the weekend. he quickly got the battery replaced, done servicing and fix my tire valve. Understanding and good service.”

Ms Seow Virginia, Ford Focus owner
– 9 Apr 2018

“Service Advisor Aruvi was excellent. Appreciate his efforts, explanations & honest opinions.”

Mr De Souza Dominic, Ford Focus owner
– 6 Apr 2018

“Shabir is attentive and thoughtful.”

Mr Kwek Hyen Wee, Ford Focus owner
– 4 Apr 2018

“The sales staff, Mr Lionel, was really good, he was patient in explaining all the details to my elderly parents. He was very clear in his explanation and helped us to understand all the aspect of the car. We would like to thank Mr Lionel for his wonderful service. Thank you.”

Mr Paul Bashyam, Ford Focus owner
– 2 Apr 2018

“Service advisor Mr. Aruvi was very helpful. He is also knowledgeable and courteous.”

Mr Ley Seng Kim, Ford Focus owner
– 1 Apr 2018

“I was attended by your Service Engineer Mr Justin Guo. I found him a very helpful & responsible person. I am happy to be serviced by him.”

Mr Chin Koon Cheong, Ford Mondeo owner
– 19 Mar 2018

“Excellent service quality from Justin Guo. He could provide a reply on the issues I had with my car. He also responded to my Whatsapp message despite not on duty on a Saturday.”

Mr Lee Jiunn Kee, Ford Focus owner
– 12 Mar 2018

“It was a first scheduled maintenance service for my car and Kelven was very knowledgeable and explained to me some issues that I brought up to him. The aircon smell, the juddering wiper and the mysterious drop in engine coolant was explained to me patiently.”

Mr Lau Nam Tiam, Ford Focus owner
– 12 Mar 2018

“Justin Guo is very helpful and professional in all my meetings with him. Highly commended for his outstanding service, good advice and attention to details.”

Mr Quah Chee Wee Chris, Ford Mondeo owner
– 12 Mar 2018