“My CSA Justin Guo does a fantastic job of ensuring that the entire servicing process for my car goes seamlessly. He is definitely an asset to Ford and Regent Motors for his outstanding service.”

Mr Andrew Chan Kin Wah, Ford Mondeo owner
– 3 Aug 2018

“CSA Max is very approachable and willing to address my concern of my car promptly… “Well done Max and keep up your good work!”

Mr Lim Teng Sui, Ford Focus owner
– 27 July 2018

“Justin (my advisor) was very helpful and provided very professional advice.”

Mr Loh Chien Liang Elton, Ford Mondeo owner
– 26 July 2018

“I would like to thank Mr Aruvi identified my car vibration problem by changing the car engine mounting which was told by previous advisor as normal. Car feel very smooth after engine mounting changed. The time taken for servicing was too long even though appointment was made as early as 8.00am. Mr Aruvi managed to deliver the car before 12pm as requested.”

Mr Ong Thiam Yong, Ford Focus owner
– 26 July 2018

“Once again am impressed w the efficient and great customer service by SA Max even though I’m here via Quicklane servicing earlier. Still no compromise regardless. Not forgetting also my last visit to rectify an issue w my Focus was rectified effectively by Justin too. Thanks guys.”

Ms Goh Tin Nee Adeline, Ford Focus owner
– 24 July 2018

“Justin always attends to the problems promptly. Knowledgeable and friendly.”

Mr Loh Tiong Soo, Ford Mondeo owner
– 20 July 2018

“Service Adviser Joseph was very patient in hearing out the additional points I needed him to look into. He took the trouble to explain as best as he could.”

Mr Lek Siang Hwa, Ford Focus owner
– 17 July 2018

“Mr Aruvi provided excellent and prompt service with very good advice!”

Mr Ting Hock Cheh, Ford Galaxy owner
– 13 July 2018

“Max was very helpful and did his job very well.”

Mr Anil Kumar, Ford Mondeo owner
– 13 July 2018

“Aruvi Ramasamy has been doing an excellent service as my CSA. That’s why I have booked a second time now. The car was in tip-TOP condition and it was a joy to drive back home.”

Mr Palany Rajamanickam, Ford Focus owner
– 10 July 2018