“It was an excellent experience purchasing the pony from sales executive Victor. Victor was patient and friendly….”

Mr Koh Kok Wei (Xu Guowei), Ford Mustang owner

– 28 Sep 2020

“Frank has been very receptive and provided excellent service.”

Mr De Silva Andrew Christopher, Ford Mustang owner

– 25 Sep 2020

“Excellent service and follow up from Frank.”

Ms Tan Gek Lui, Ford S-Max owner

– 7 Sep 2020

“Frank is good and professional in his work. Friendly and courteous.”

Mr Lee Yue Kwong, Ford Focus owner

– 1 Sep 2020

“Aruvi is reliable and provide honest feedback. Been with him for last 3-4 servicing.”


Mdm Tan Kim Huey Doreen, Ford Focus owner

– 25 Aug 2020

“Frank is a very good CSA. Very clear, prompt and responsive.”


Mr Gerald Balendran Singham, Ford Mondeo owner

– 14 Jul 2020

“Frank is very helpful, provides friendly service with a smile.”


Mdm Margaret Liang Yu Yee, Ford Focus owner

– 21 Jul 2020


I am writing in to compliment one of your teammates, Chin Kiat for his wonderful service rendered to me for the past few visits to your service centre.

While I do at times have friends who questioned my choice of brand for my car and if I will get a good after sales support, I am always glad to share with them that with Regent Motors, I am happy with the after sales support. This is especially so with the confidence in the service rendered by Chin Kiat.

I appreciate that he is very willing to listen to my concerns and will address them accordingly. I also liked the personal touch when he messaged me after his working hours in the evening to ask if my car was fine after a repair.

Coming from also a service line and when a service of this level of personal touch (which is a talent like this is very hard to find today) is rendered to me, it gives me every confidence in your service centre and this also explains why since day 1 of having my car, I have never gone to any external workshops at all.

Not forgetting Mr Ang, who had initially come in contact with me to resolve some issues about 2 years ago. His follow up and problem resolution was a pivotal point which won my trust back with your service centre when my previous CSA (who is no longer around) was not able to address me needs. Convinced with Mr Ang’s sincerity at that point in time, I undoubtedly committed to a 2 year servicing package and signed up for a warranty extension.

I hope that Regent Motors would recognize these 2 gentlemen who have made my experience with Regent Motors a fantastic one and one which is very customer-centric.

I would like to thank the both of them and congratulate them on setting the bar of a good customer experience. Well done! Thank you.”

Mr Teo Tiah Wee Jason, Ford Focus owner

– 27 Jun 2020

“Frank is an outstanding CSA, very receptive and customer oriented.”

Mr De Silva Andrew Christopher, Ford Mustang owner

– 26 Jun 2020

“Aruvi always provides great service. Thank you.”

Ms Lalwani Shalini Gobind, Ford Focus owner

– 19 Jun 2020