“Hi Regent Motors, recently my mustang 2.3A bearing plate number SMJ3955T having brake lights problem with no brake light when main headlights turn on and signal light at aft RH showing brake and signal light flashing when lever selected to right turn. I called Liu from the Regent Ford warranty section being my car was last repair under warranty from his side. Without hesitation, he arranged to bring my car at the next working day and have the ford technical guy to look in the defect. Within that day, they trace the fault and corrected the multiple defect by replacing the RH light assy. I have gotten back my car and now the lights are working fine. I recommend Liu and his team for a good show award for the seamless process in identifying and repairing the defects in double quick time.  Thank you, Liu, once again.”

Mr Loo Fook Poh Edward, Ford Mustang owner
– 7 May 2019

“Justin was incredibly customer-centric and trustworthy. He’s one of the reasons why I return to Ford for my servicing needs even after the warranty period. I have been very pleased with his knowledge, advice and sincerity.”

Mr Zheng Yuanhui, Ford Galaxy owner
– 8 Feb 2019

“I would like to say thanks to Mr Anthony for his professional sharing. He is knowledgeable and able to answer my queries with confidence. I would also like to thank Justin Guo as my customer service advisor. He is friendly, attentive and able to provide recommendation on the condition of my car. He will update me on the servicing done, the amount of the servicing and the estimate time to collect the car. The after-service check was also appreciated if everything is well after the car servicing.

Thanks, and keep up the good work! :)”

Ms Cindy Chua Kee Wei, Ford Focus owner
– 23 Jan 2019

“Regent Motors honored the free servicing that were offered when I purchased this car. The company has also honored and provided fuss-free warranty repairs. The Sales Consultant, Clement, was also professional and provided good customer service in handling my requests and issues with the car. Good job, Regent Motors!”

Mr Loh Kim Mee, Ford Focus owner
– 25 Dec 2018

“Justin Guo made every effort to solve my car problems. His service was excellent.”

Mr Lee Yong Khim, Ford Kuga owner
– 24 Dec 2018

“CSA Nasir is very helpful and professional in handling the questions asked. Keep up the good work and will recommend family and friends to have their cars serviced here 👍”

Mr Mohd Abd Alim B Mohd Abd Kader, Ford Focus owner
– 18 Dec 2018

“I wish to commend Justin Guo for his excellent service. Good Job. An excellent staff.”

Ms Lim Hui Cheng, Ford Fiesta owner
– 18 Dec 2018

“My service advisor, Max, is very efficient and can explain very clearly pertaining to our car needs. He can repeat many times all over again when you do not understand what’s the name of the car parts that are faulty and never complain. He has done a very good job.”

Ms Siti Nooreha Binte Mohamed Puasa, Ford Focus owner
– 18 Dec 2018

“Lynette is very effective in promoting the features and parts of the car as compared to other brands. She is also genuinely friendly and has good communication skills.”

Ms Nam Joyanne (Lan Joyanne), Ford Focus owner
– 15 Dec 2018

“Despite his hectic schedule, Max was able to help fix my car problem timely. His efficiency is much appreciated.”

Mdm Kwan Mee Sin, Ford Focus owner
– 14 Dec 2018