“I would like to compliment Mr Chua Gee Wah, Senior Manager – Service and Mr Jerald Ng, Customer Service Officer for their excellent customer service.

My vehicle was send in for some work recently and from the start till the end of the process, Jerald took great effort to make sure everything goes smoothly. He display a high level of professionalism and customer centric attention to details.

The company is very fortunate to have such committed employee who take it upon themselves to ensure total customer satisfaction. Keep up the good work.”

Mr Lim Chin Siang Kevin, Ford Mondeo 2.0 owner
– 1 February 2016

“Hi Lynette, we took delivery of our Kuga yesterday and we are very happy with our purchase. My husband loves the car and its performance. We would like to express our appreciation for the excellent service you provided in this transaction. We found you to be very pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable.

We wish you continued success in your career with Regent Motors!”

Mdm Lim Ngern Boey, Ford Kuga Owner
– 21 January 2016

“Very good constant update on the progress of the car from sales to aftersales. Friendly and able to answer queries posted. Recommend customer to him due to his good sales service. Most of the sales personnel should learn from him as I see some not speaking in proper english (adding Hokkien and show enthusiasm in their sales like Jayden). He is definitely the model of the showroom as a few visits I see him handling the client very well.”

Ms Wee Loke Eng Tina, Ford Focus Owner
– 1 January 2016

“I am fortunate to have been served by an experienced sales consultant as yourself. Thanks for being there, answering so patiently the many questions and doubts that I had. You always give your time listening attentively to my many concerns, ranging from colour choices and availability to cabin heat from the panoramic roof. In the end, I am glad to have chosen the brand and the variant. True enough, my concern on  the cabin heat is unfounded.

Thanks for being such a professional and in providing the many references when addressing my concerns. They were reassuring and genuinely felt. In the end, I am glad to have bought my second Ford vehicle and I hope for many years of happy motoring experiences.”

Mr Lim Meng Hou, Ford Mondeo Owner
– 27 November 2015

“The service level has shown a lot of improvement in the last 1 year. My fuel pump gave off and was towed on Sunday to the Vantage workshop. it was immediately attended to my Mr Aruvi the next day morning. appreciate it.”

Mr Jayaraman Kannan, Ford Mondeo Owner
– 20 November 2015

“I would say that the sales experience was very good. Clement Yap seemed very knowledgeable, extremely helpful, friendly and attentive. I liked the fact that they followed up. The salesperson was very helpful regarding any questions I had. I wasn’t happy in terms of the delivery, but the salesperson solved all the issues in terms of service recovery. The salesperson was very responsive.”

Mr Goh Hua Eng, Ford Mondeo Owner
– 19 November 2015

“The services rendered by the Sales Person Ms Lynette has been par excellence and she is the only reason why I purchased the Ford Mondeo 2.0 again 0n 2 Nov 2015 ….

Justin … has been able to provide the level of technical service expected of a reputable dealership.”

Mr Loh Tiong Soo, Ford Mondeo Owner
– 19 November 2015

“I would like to compliment Jerald Ng outstanding service when I brought my car XXX558G for diagnosis…

During 2 occasions, he attended my problem with professional attitude and follow up with the call within 1 to 2 days after I collected my car.

…. I drove the car for diagnosis without appointment and Jerald tried his best to have the car diagnose and fixed the issue within same.

…. He recommended to ran computer diagnosis to verify and check the problem. He assisted me to book the service the day before so that my car can complete the tested and fixed any issue then I can pick the car with the same day.

His commitment and professional service make my day with eased.

It is very fortunate that Regent motor has such a delicate and professional staff as customer service advisor.”

Mr Wong Teck Mo, Ford Galaxy Owner
– 1 November 2015

“I am writing to compliment one of your sales officer – Mr Edward Lim K.Y.  I was convinced to purchase the Ford Mondeo 2.0 Ecoboost after the test drive through his patient and honest salesmanship.  I am glad to be served by Mr Edward Lim and had a very pleasant buying experience at Regent Motors.  Of course, the Ford Mondeo is a wonderful car and a pleasure to drive too.


Mr Lawrence Lee, Ford Mondeo Owner
– 19 October 2015

“First and foremost I have to say that it was a pleasure driving the Ford Mondeo which I collected on Aug 21, 2015. The car delivers a superb driving experience not to mention the pleasing design.

Moreover, the buying experience was made better by your Sales Consultant, Lynette Lim who attended to us. Lynette was patient with all our enquiries. She was knowledgeable and personable.

I would definitely not hesitate to recommend her as the “go to” person, should any friend be looking to buy a Ford.”

Mr Lam Pin Yok, Ford Mondeo Owner
– 4 September 2015