“The services rendered by the Sales Person Ms Lynette has been par excellence and she is the only reason why I purchased the Ford Mondeo 2.0 again 0n 2 Nov 2015 ….

Justin … has been able to provide the level of technical service expected of a reputable dealership.”

Mr Loh Tiong Soo, Ford Mondeo Owner
– 19 November 2015

“I would like to compliment Jerald Ng outstanding service when I brought my car XXX558G for diagnosis…

During 2 occasions, he attended my problem with professional attitude and follow up with the call within 1 to 2 days after I collected my car.

…. I drove the car for diagnosis without appointment and Jerald tried his best to have the car diagnose and fixed the issue within same.

…. He recommended to ran computer diagnosis to verify and check the problem. He assisted me to book the service the day before so that my car can complete the tested and fixed any issue then I can pick the car with the same day.

His commitment and professional service make my day with eased.

It is very fortunate that Regent motor has such a delicate and professional staff as customer service advisor.”

Mr Wong Teck Mo, Ford Galaxy Owner
– 1 November 2015

“I am writing to compliment one of your sales officer – Mr Edward Lim K.Y.  I was convinced to purchase the Ford Mondeo 2.0 Ecoboost after the test drive through his patient and honest salesmanship.  I am glad to be served by Mr Edward Lim and had a very pleasant buying experience at Regent Motors.  Of course, the Ford Mondeo is a wonderful car and a pleasure to drive too.


Mr Lawrence Lee, Ford Mondeo Owner
– 19 October 2015

“First and foremost I have to say that it was a pleasure driving the Ford Mondeo which I collected on Aug 21, 2015. The car delivers a superb driving experience not to mention the pleasing design.

Moreover, the buying experience was made better by your Sales Consultant, Lynette Lim who attended to us. Lynette was patient with all our enquiries. She was knowledgeable and personable.

I would definitely not hesitate to recommend her as the “go to” person, should any friend be looking to buy a Ford.”

Mr Lam Pin Yok, Ford Mondeo Owner
– 4 September 2015

“I write to express our sincere appreciation to Jan Yeo for a job well done.

Jan managed to convince us without being too pushy, promote the product’s features that meet our needs and even attempted to explain the differences of the DCT gearbox arrangement!!! Kudos to her hard work to acquire this knowledge despite being in Regent Motors for such a short period of time.

As a sales personnel, her timely follow-up did not disappoint. Againshe has demonstrated the care and concern, with patience. Prior to my retirement as a Marketing Consultant, I have conducted several sales training for MNCs. She would have passed with flying colors!!

She has won over our hearts with her enthusiasm. Our decision was made easier as we were torn between the German competitor and Ford and this letter is to commend Jan Yeo for a job well executed.”

Mr & Mrs Partick Fok, Ford Focus Owner
– 26 August 2015

“I am very pleased to write this letter of commendation for Jayden Zheng.

Even though Jayden was nursing a sore throat (which he was very apologetic about) he maintained a very pleasant and polite attitude throughout his time with us. He gave us sufficient personal space to look at the car in details ourselves without being intrusive but always staying close enough to approach and attend to us whenever we had any questions or need assistance.

Jayden paid great attention to all of our questions and took great care and effort to ensure any doubts that we have were all answered. Such exemplary service level continues even after we left the showroom. All my phone messages to Jayden were promptly replied to and mind you there are numerous of them and often at odd hours of the day.

While the Mondeo is an excellent car on its own merit, I have no qualm

s to say that Jayden is the deciding factor for us to confirm the Mondeo as our choice car. Simply put, his genuine warmth and excellent customer centric service sealed the deal for us. The proof of the pudding comes after we signed the sales agreement on 24 July 2015.

While I was half expecting his service level to drop taking into consideration that he has ‘closed’ the deal with us, I was pleasantly proven wrong. Not only did he maintain his already high service level, he frequently over delivers on what he commits. A good example to illustrate this is the lightning speed in which I can collect my car after the COE is secured. Jayden shared that the norm for car collection is about 14 working days after securing the COE. Guess what, he managed to get mine ready in an unbelievable 4 working days!

With Jayden, there isn’t a moment where I felt he wasn’t on top of the situation. He promptly kept me updated at various stage of the process, accede to lat minute requests with a smile, handled minor issue with calmness and take responsibility to sort them out, ensure everything goes smoothly with great professional commitment and more importantly protect my interest as a customer as if it is his own.”

Mr Kevin Lim, Ford Mondeo Owner
– 19 August 2015

“Quick Lane services at Ubi Branch are well located and is convenient, with easy access to public transport for customers. The products provided are value for money and the services are well organised. The center, with its good ambiance and environment, serve customers well. They deliver their service with their ‘walk the talk’ policy.

Nasir is an exemplary leader at Quick Lane Ubi; organised, determined, committed, professional and an excellent team player. He has demonstrated strong abilities to convince customer to purchase the products of air-con sanitization, engine flush and service package.

He has proven that he is a leader with strong sense of integrity, commitment and leadership. He is sociable, well-like and respected by customers and people around him. He will definitely be an invaluable asset to any organisation.”

Mr Phuah Gaik Chuah, Ford Mondeo Owner
– 2 July 2015

“Dear Lynette, This email serves to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding sales service you have given me throughout my car purchase transaction.

For someone who had already decided to switch to public transport for good, your professional demeanour, attention to detail and exceptional service drove me to develop purchasing courage. There was no haggling on price as the right price was offered the first time. You had exceeded the customer satisfaction by providing extras without additional cost, that really meant a lot….

Thank you so much for the beautiful Fiesta, and keep up the exceptional service in your organisation!”

Ms Amelia Chow
– 16 June 2015

“I am writing to commend the remarkable service I have received from Ms Lynette Lim Chin Ping both during and following my purchase of a Ford Focus (2015 model) from Regent Motors.

… She was knowledgeable about her product, personable, friendly and divided her time politely and professionally between several customers…

… Lynette showed me that the Ford Focus would be a better choice – with the same NCAP safety rating, it also had a service warranty and the benefit of being brand new. She was persuasive without being pushy – the perfect balance.

… Lynette never once lost patience with me. She did her best to entertain my requests, from a last minute change of color to my preferences for the stitching on the leather seats. Much of this was when she had already secured my purchase – in other words, she continued to maintain her level of service to me even after I had committed. … She was extremely familiar with the workings of the car …

Lynette is a rare quality… This was all thanks to Lynette, who did not use any hard-sell or cheap tricks; she was just a salesperson who knew her stuff – and her customer.”

Mr Tan Sze Yao, Ford Focus (Titanium) Owner
– 7 June 2015

“I would like to compliment one of your sales officer , Ms Lynette lim,for her excellent service she provided us from the day we stepped into ford.  ……, she was so eager show us around …., she was so eager to show us the new titanium Ford Focus and explain every essential features of the car… We were so touched…!

….. Ms Lynette’s professionalism and ability to highlight and explain the benefit and between new and second hand car , her thought and analysis toward the various market jitters on the COV possible plunge cycle , quota etc , kept us in constant ponder & contemplating , helped in our decision and I’m now a proud owner of ford titanium. ….., she was very patient to go thru every features of the car once again and ensure all are understood . There was a lots of laughter throughout the conversation and I thought this is what I call great after sales service and she host us so well that made us feel just like VIP ! Btw , The car performance was excellent and had greatly exceeded my expectation . It was really value for money as commented by Ms Lynette !

Such a commitment to great passionate service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will continue to put my trust with ford for years to come. Thank you Lynette !

Mr Norman & Ms Judy, Ford Focus Owner
– 24 May 2015