“CSA Nasir is very helpful and professional in handling the questions asked. Keep up the good work and will recommend family and friends to have their cars serviced here 👍”

Mr Mohd Abd Alim B Mohd Abd Kader, Ford Focus owner
– 18 Dec 2018

“I wish to commend Justin Guo for his excellent service. Good Job. An excellent staff.”

Ms Lim Hui Cheng, Ford Fiesta owner
– 18 Dec 2018

“My service advisor, Max, is very efficient and can explain very clearly pertaining to our car needs. He can repeat many times all over again when you do not understand what’s the name of the car parts that are faulty and never complain. He has done a very good job.”

Ms Siti Nooreha Binte Mohamed Puasa, Ford Focus owner
– 18 Dec 2018

“Lynette is very effective in promoting the features and parts of the car as compared to other brands. She is also genuinely friendly and has good communication skills.”

Ms Nam Joyanne (Lan Joyanne), Ford Focus owner
– 15 Dec 2018

“Despite his hectic schedule, Max was able to help fix my car problem timely. His efficiency is much appreciated.”

Mdm Kwan Mee Sin, Ford Focus owner
– 14 Dec 2018

“The service advisor (Aruvi) did a very good job in removing some material that had stuck to the rear windscreen on the inside, that I had been unable to remove by myself for some months. He said he did this himself, which is most noteworthy.”

Mr Raja Segaran Arumugam, Ford Focus owner
– 13 Dec 2018

“My CSA Mr. Aruvi is very knowledgeable and I am very satisfied with his service.”

Mr Ley Seng Kim, Ford Focus owner
– 10 Dec 2018

“Justin was professional and courteous in his interactions with me. The other staff at the service centre were also polite and helpful.”

Mr Phang Cunzheng, Ford Focus owner
– 7 Dec 2018

“Lynette was a very patient and helpful sales person among most other brands that i have encounter during my decision selection of my new vehicle brands.”

Mdm Yeong Ai Lay (Yang Aili), Ford Focus owner
– 23 Nov 2018

“Justin Guo is very helpful and is proactive to identify possible car issues. I am well informed about the cost, implications and changes required.”

Mr Ang Kok Keong, Ford Fiesta owner
– 19 Nov 2018