“Aruvi offers good customer service and is very respectful and courteous in the way he dealt with me. He kept me updated on the progress of the job and made every effort to explain the details of the work that has been done. Being also a customer of Wearnes Volvo which is highly-regarded in the industry, I am pleased to say that the overall service experience in Ford is as good if not better than Wearnes and will not hesitate to recommend Ford to my friends as I believe that after sales support and services are important factors in the overall brand ownership experience.”

Mr Tan Eugene, Ford Mondeo owner
– 29 Aug 2018

“My Service Advisor, Justin has been providing me excellent service consistently and always make it a point to follow up after servicing. He always goes the extra mile!”

Mdm Goh Hak Noi Catherine, Ford Galaxy owner
– 28 Aug 2018

“Service advisor, Justin Guo is a very responsive and friendly guy. He is knowledgeable and provide advice in a professional manner. Thanks Justin.”
Mr Chua Wah Pheng (Cai Huaping), Ford Kuga owner
– 27 Aug 2018

“Max was very helpful. He even came back on Saturday to check on the repair to the car, even though it was his day off.”

Ms Goh Lee Pin, Ford Focus owner
– 27 Aug 2018

“Aruvi has been very helpful in assisting me with my servicing. Great job, Aruvi!”

Mr Muhamed Tariq S/O Abdul Rahiman, Ford Mondeo owner
– 26 Aug 2018

“Mr Dennis Soh 非常亲切,细心和耐心,在各个方面给予协助,比如贷款、车子转让价等。Mr Foo 非常专业,帮忙解除汽车机件与性能上的各种疑虑,售前售后服务非常到位。他也承诺有任何状况任何时候都可以联络他。的确令人信靠。”

Mr Lim Chai Tin, Ford Focus owner
– 24 Aug 2018

“Service Advisor Mr Aruvi is very courteous and knowledgeable staff.”

Mr Tan Koon Teck Kevin, Ford Focus RS owner
– 20 Aug 2018

“Justin Guo provided good service. He tried to fix problems to the best of ability.”

Mr Lee Yong Khim, Ford Kuga owner
– 19 Aug 2018

“Justin is a very attentive service advisor. I am very satisfied with his service level.”

 Mr Loh Chien Liang Elton, Ford Mondeo owner
– 14 Aug 2018

“Clement Yap had been very helpful and patient to our queries and question before we really decided into choosing the Ford car that we bought. He gives us personalized advise and help to arrange for everything from loan, insurance and after sales needs. we are still in contact with him for other advice.”

Mr Sulaiman Bin Attan, Ford Focus owner
– 14 Aug 2018